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Coming up Spring

Hello out there!

How are we all bearing up?

If you're hanging on in there through gritted teeth and by the very ends of your fingernails, I'm right there with you.

It's been bloody hard going this time and as much effort as I've put into home-schooling, I've really had to make sure I balance it with being creative to try and keep my sanity somewhat intact.

This means I've been painting at odd hours, or while we had lots of snow allowing the kids to go feral for a few days and hang the school work...I won't tell if you won't!

Bless the snow, and the mid term break as it gave me time to just potter around in my studio and I loved every second.

I started painting lots of sunflowers- possibly because it's been so gloomy and oppressive, or maybe I just needed to do something completely different to figures for a while.

Alongside this, Ive been doing an online figure painting class which has helped focus my attention at least one day a week.

You can see some of my pieces here-

It's proved quite a challenge, especially working from my phone screen via zoom, but alongside the frustrations, it's been a lovely 2 hours zoning out with like minded people.

In exhibition news, I have a few upcoming shows.

Firstly, starting on or around the 6th March I have 3 figurative pieces in the mixed Spring show at Fidra Fine Art.

Further to this, I will have works in both Q gallery in Dundee, and Eion Stewart Fine Art in Stonehaven.

I'll post further details nearer the time.

Stay safe. x

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