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A Christmas Coral.

It's been a strange few months prior to the usual hectic run up to Christmas. It somehow seems to have disappeared in a flash, but at the same time, November felt never ending whilst 3 of us were at the mercy of Covid and back to back isolation, just after which I had to get 5 artworks ready for show at Eion Stewart Fine Art in the winter exhibition titled 'Reflection'.

Having sold 2 pieces, there are still 3 to be seen until the end of January.

Two of the pieces are life studies in oil and were based on a series of photos purchased from Drawing Life Glasgow, which recreated the fabulous painting 'Die Korallenkette (The Coral Chain)' by Wilhlem Gallhof.

A wonderfully talented painter, sculptor and graphic artist, Gallhof was sadly killed in action at the age of 40 in 1918.

You can view these paintings and the rest of the exhibition here...

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