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Statement of Practice

The human body has long inspired artists and representations of it can be found in many of the world’s greatest works of art.

Such works could not have been produced without meticulous study and observation.


Nowadays, life drawing is in danger of being regarded as an outmoded means of artistic expression, although there has been a minor upsurge in online sessions since Covid lockdowns, but in no way comparable to being in front of a live model.

The demise of life drawing in our art institutions is lamentable, because the disciplines it teaches underpin most of our visual language and these are very often productively transferred to other areas of art and design.


As artists, we use visual information to convey our innermost thoughts and ideas. The human form and condition, have been used continuously by artists down through the ages to convey a wealth of such information, and how to communicate this to the viewer is one of the most difficult challenges an artist can face.


So central is the human form to the history of art that it inevitably became an accepted standard against which draftsmen tested and sharpened essential drawing skills’.


As we become more engaged with technology, we humans are becoming ‘mind heavy’ and are losing the ability to stay connected with our own bodies.


Focusing on the human figure with the understanding that it is the most expressive vehicle in which to represent the human condition, I am interested in creating artworks that also serve to embody my deeper interests of Anatomy, Eastern philosophy, and Movement practices and I have continually tried to capture the essence of each within my work. 


“To develop a complete mind: Study the science of art; Study the art of science. Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”

Leonardo da Vinci


2000  –   BA(Hons) Fine Art- Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art

2004  –   Master of Fine Art - Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art

2014  –   Master of Science - Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art




Feb 2024       'Between the Lines

                       House of Smalls, Chipping Campden, Gloucester

Nov 2023       Mixed Winter Show

                       Frames Gallery

May 2022       Mixed Summer Show

                       Eion Stewart Fine Art, Stonehaven

Feb 2022       Mixed Spring Show 

                       Velvet Easel Gallery, Edinburgh

Nov 2021       'Reflection' Mixed Winter show

                       Eion Stewart Fine Art

Jul 2021         Mixed Summer show

                       The Velvet Easel Gallery

Jun 2021        Contemporary Figures

                       Society of Scottish Artists

Jun 2021        Scottish Drawing Competition 2021

                       Paisley Arts Institute

Mar 2021       'Figures and Faces'

                       Gallery Q

Mar 2021       Mixed Spring Exhibition

                       Fidra Fine Art

Dec 2020       ‘Northern Lights’ Mixed Winter show

                       Eion Stewart Fine Art

Nov 2020       Mixed Winter Exhibition

                       Strathearn Gallery

Oct 2020       ‘Autumn Serenade’ Mixed Autumn show

                       Eion Stewart Fine Art

Aug 2020       ‘Coming Home’

                       Aberdeen Artist’s Society Annual exhibition

Aug 2020       ‘Lockdown Lore’

                       Elphinstone Project


Aug 2020       ‘Homeworks’

                       Spilt Milk Annual Exhibition

Sep 2019       ‘Seven’ Mixed Autumn exhibition

                       Eion Stewart Fine Art, Stonehaven

Jun 2019        ‘embodyment’, solo exhibition of life drawings

                       Hy, Stonehaven


Nov 2014       Clinical Skills Centre, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee

Nov 2014       MSc Past Masters.

                       Roseangle Art Gallery, Dundee

Aug 2012       Belmont Cinema. Photography showreel

Dec 2006       Peacock A5 Christmas exhibition

Nov 2004       ‘Nexus’ Joint exhibition

                       Meffan gallery, Forfar

Mar 2004       National Review of Live Art –

                       The Arches, Glasgow


Nov 2003       PARIP Forum –

                       The Arches, Glasgow


May 2003       Collaborative Exhibition with MFA and Mlitt students

                       St. Andrews University

Apr 2003       Street Performance - ‘Connections’ 

                       St. Andrews


Mar 2003       Performance with video - ‘Direction of Journey’

                       Drouthy Neebors, Dundee

Dec 2002       Art Walk and Reading Performance

                       Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven

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